Its like if it was yesterday that I was feeling Eli’s kicks in my belly and here we are celebrating his 1st birthday! To photograph my little one with airplanes and more airplanes was a dream come true..! Daddy and I always knew that if we where ever to have a boy, it was going to be airplanes from the beginning… and it was..lol. Captain Elijah sure did enjoy every moment as mommy ran around capturing every moment she could! It is a sweet blessing to see this little boy grow so big! From the time he was conceived, lots of things came to reality.. and one of them was “Carolina Tejeda Photography”! God has always been good and will always be.



_CTP3710_CTP3716_CTP3723“Above all else, Guard your heart”_CTP3722


”A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

Elijah, one day you will look back at these pictures and I hope it brings a smile to your heart as it did to mine… Happy 1st Birthday my little one.



Baby Model: Elijah Tejeda

Cake: SweetVegasdd

Outfit: Bubbling Boutique



And soon this lovely family will be a party of 4! A little girl is always a fun addition to any family…  Princess Demi will bring lots of barbies, tea parties and lots of glitter sparkles into their lives! And Daddy… has no… idea of what is to come….hahaha… she surely will have him wrapped around her little fingers before he even knows it…

_CTP1988 copy.jpgWWP_9518

“Princess Demi will bring lots of barbies, tea parties and lots of glitter sparkles into their lives!”

Pregnancy is one of the best chapters in a woman’s life…


“Did someone say baby sister?”

_CTP2082_CTP2167_CTP2176_CTP2254.jpg_CTP2211 copy

And soon we will hold you forever in our arms…

Dayron and Wendy, it was an honor to capture these precious images in this new chapter of your lives.. Can’t wait to meet your little Princess! Big brother will soon have company to play and teach her all he knows..lol..:o) Happy to see your little beautiful family growing…God bless always.


A letter to Baby Elijah- 11 Months Old

A letter to Baby Elijah- 11 Months Old

My little baby boy.  Where do I begin. Before you where concived… Daddy and I already knew you where going to be very special. Didn’t really know how or why.. but it is a feeling that was and will always be inside of us. You are like the home run in our little family. 🙂 You completed us. You are now eleven(11) months and it literally seems like it was yesterday we where all waiting for your entrance into this world. By the way… that was a crazy experience…:o  Maybe one of these days Ill write about it.

Daddy and I both played baseball/softball in our high school years, so why not do your eleven(11) month session at the field. Hope you end up loving the sport just like we did.

Why the yankees? Because thats your daddy favorite team.. he did get raised in the Bronx, NY.

& just like this you will reach your goals in life…



Mommy… Hats are for rookies..lol!
My heart is taken. Her name is mommy. #loveyoualways
Dude I got this…
1st little love.
Aaawwwwww… Big Sister always stealing the show…


Elijah, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you. You are definitely a blessing from above. Always remember, Proverbs 29:11- For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Love Mommy.



Miami Newborn Session- Dinita

Miami Newborn Session- Dinita

Dinita, desde el vientre de tu madre ya se sabia que ibas a ser una bebe hermosa, calmada, y  muy alegre!

Risas, risas, y mas risas… asi es que puedo describir a Dina, tu mami. No hay un solo segundo, que tenga otra emocion….ja,ja,ja… definitivamente eres una grand bendición a la familia.



Y tu papi, no se diga… esta mas y mas enamorado de ti todos los dias.


Eres su princesita.






Y para terminar, una con tu tia querida!