Hay una cosa que no entendí hasta que tuve mi primer bebe. Esa cosa era el amor de una madre. Desde el momento que nace tu niño/niña T O D O cambia. Tu amor incrementa increíblemente, y ya todo gira alrededor de tu nueva bendición.

Bebe Marco, de solo 10 días de edad estaba bien alerto y disfrutando de su primera session de fotos♥.  Desde su mira a toda su ternura, bebe Marco salió hermoso! Me encanto como el demostró su personalidad.

Magdalena y familia, fue un honor capturar los primos días de su príncipe Marco. Marco es un hermoso bebe, que se que va llegar lejos! Espero poder servirles en el futuro y ver a su principe crecer! Gracias y hasta pronto.♥

_CTP9463.jpgM 1.jpg_CTP9499.jpg_CTP9506-FLIP.jpg_CTP9524BW.jpg_CTP9535.jpg_CTP9548.jpg_CTP9551.jpg

Outfit: @Willowmintprops

Bowl/bench: @Prettyphotoprops



Los bebes son como un granito del cielo. Desde su piel tan delicada al aroma de bebe recién nacido, todo lo que son es maravilloso. Cuando entran a este mundo, lo único que saben es la voz y olor de sus padres. Es algo increíble. Al nacer los bebes le toma tiempo para realizar que ya no están en vientre de su mama. Y es por esto que mayoría, le gusta estar envueltos en una sabana.(wrapped)

Bebe Leylani es la tercera princesa de su familia. Sus dos otra hermanas están bien alegres con su nueva hermanita. Desde que llegue a su hogar ellas estaban no solo bien atentas conmigo pero también con su hermanita, dandole su leche y hasta ayudando con su cambio de pañal♥  Leylani esta mas que bendecida!

Clara y familia, fue un honor capturar estos bellos momentos de los primeros días de su princesa Leylani. Me da mucho gusto ver su familia crecer.♥ Gracias nuevamente por la atención y por confiar en mi para capturar estos momentos inolvidables. Mil bendiciones!

_CTP8561.jpg_CTP8579.jpg_CTP8583.jpg_CTP8590.jpg_CTP8621.jpg_CTP8687--2 copy.jpg_CTP8677.jpg_CTP8625.jpg_CTP8652 EDIT.jpg



El primer año de un bebe se van tan rápido que es increíble como pasa el tiempo de rápido! Nacen y cuando miras a ver ya están cantándole “Feliz Cumpleaños…”. Bebe Andres se divirtió jugando con sus avioncitos y para terminar se saborio todo su pastel♥

Mariela y Gio, fue un placer servirles a ustedes en este momento tan bello de su hijo! Le deseo mucha felicidad y bendiciones a su principe Andres.

Feliz 1 Cumpleaños Andres!

_CTP8326.jpg_CTP8353 copy.jpg_CTP8340.jpg_CTP8403.jpg_CTP8362.jpg_CTP8399.jpg_CTP8416.jpg_CTP8420.jpg_CTP8436 copy.jpg_CTP8434 copy.jpg_CTP8478 copy_CTP8480.jpg



Oh, South Florida how beautiful you are! The beach is a very popular location when it comes to any session but it is a favorite to many for maternity sessions.♥

Babies in bellies are a wonderful gift from above. It is amazing how life is created in a woman’s womb for several months to then be born and bring lots of joy and laughter to their family! There was not one moment where this lovely couple didn’t show their love for each other and to their baby princess. I have to say the way they kiss is out of this world!  I literally felt I was in a romantic novel. It was just magical.

Alex and Diana, thank you for the amazing time we shared capturing all the love you guys have for each other and baby Isabella!  Soon you’ll be holding your precious bundle of joy and love will just multiply from their on♥♥♥ It was an honor to serve you guys in this beautiful stage in your lives… it just gets better from here. Enjoy every moment, as it goes by so fast.

_CTP7846.jpg_CTP7885 copy.jpg_CTP7884 copy.jpg_CTP7897SIDE.jpg_CTP7978SIDE.jpgAnd their look says it A L L…_CTP7990.jpg_CTP8007.jpg_CTP8022.jpg_CTP8018SIDE.jpg_CTP8084.jpg_CTP8100.jpg“And soon you’ll be holding your precious bundle of joy and love will just multiply from their on♥♥♥_CTP8107.jpg_CTP8135.jpg_CTP8163.jpg



It all began back in 2008 in a B-767 most likely an “Argentinian aircraft”. This is were Joanna and I first met. At first I would say it as more like a hi and bye relationship until we where put in the A-Check crew in 2013. We were the only females which made it easier to connect. I remember us having conversations of having a family one day and wondered how it was going to be with our crazy schedule(on-call). Joanna being a little impatient wanted to become pregnant and have kids right away… but it didn’t happen like that. I was fortunate and started the motherhood journey first. I remember telling her not to worry… that one day we will  both be pregnant at the same time…lol. And guess what? It happened just like that! During my second pregnancy, I remember her coming up to me and saying ” I got two red lines!” It was amazing… we hugged and still in awe… she couldn’t believe it… 9 months later little Raynor was born♥

Raynor is definitely one handsome little boy! Little did we know we would be in a maternity session with baby #2! The original plan was going to take place in a construction site to go along with the baby shower theme… but due to rain we had to adjust and changed to in-studio session… at end it came out beautiful… _CTP6151.jpg_CTP6195.jpgjoanna 1.jpg_CTP6199.jpgAnd soon they will be a party of 4!_CTP6254.jpg_CTP6239bw.jpg

Joanna and Bruno, thanks for giving me the honor to capture this beautiful stage in your lives. It really makes my heart happy to see your family growing! Sometimes its really worth the wait! Raynor is one little happy cute boy! And the other one under construction will definitely be one handsome stud too!

Congratulations on baby boy #2!



Maternity is one of the most precious yet hard-working stages of a woman’s life. From the moment you know there is life being created, there is a switch that is automatically activate that will always stay on… this switch is called the mother instinct switch. This switch is a new sense added to a woman’s life that has an inseparable bond between her and her child. I can say that its just magical!
I had the privilage to capture this beautiful stage in Lesly’s life. After having a boy, she is now having a baby girl! Big brother is very excited for his new little sister, from the beginning to the end he would not stop kissing his mommy’s belly.♥ Lesly is one glowing beautiful pregnant woman… and husband and big brother are just completely in love.
Edward and Lesly, thank you  once again for allowing me to serve you guys. It was a sweet adventure to capture this beautiful stage in your lives. Little princess Lianna will definetly bring lots of joy and sprinkles!

_CTP6927.jpg_CTP6942.jpg_CTP7060.jpg_CTP7054.jpg_CTP7057.jpg“Lesly is one glowing beautiful pregnant woman… and husband and big brother are just completely in love.”_CTP7085.jpg_CTP7098.jpg_CTP7075.jpg_CTP7021.jpg_CTP7242-2.jpg_CTP7237-2.jpg_CTP7227.jpg_CTP7124.jpg_CTP7141-edit.jpg_CTP7211.jpg



From the moment Princess Paola walked in our studio with her parents she immediately lit up the place! Her sassy attitude was just the right match to her theme Birthday Session, Unicorns! She wouldn’t stop giggling and naturally putting her “boss girl”! This theme adds so many beautiful colors and joy to the scene.

One of the items I’ve been adding to our sessions are the “crowns”. From the moment I saw the crowns from “Love Crush Crowns”, I fell in love! And the Unicorn crown is definitely one of my favorites!


And simply, there are things that are not “taught”

but born with…_CTP6617Introducing Ms.Classy!_CTP6595.jpg_CTP6625 copy.jpg_CTP6633.jpg

“When you love Unicorns so… much, that you bring you own♥”


Carlos and Samantha, it was a blast capturing all of what Paola had to offer. Your little princess unicorn is definitely one radiant classy girl! From all the smiles to all the running around… it was so… worth it! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of all this captured magic!

Happy 3rd Birthday Unicorn Paola!


Cake: Madelynscakes

Crown: Love Crush Crowns