Princess Valentina,

Its been the best 4 years of my life. Since you came into our lives, you literally put color into our world. Well, thats how I always describe having a baby. Now that your four years old, your always telling me “Mommy, Im not a baby anymore…, Im a big girl”

You have a beautiful heart and soul that inspires the world. No matter how the day looks like your always their with a warm smile. The flowers you pick out for me when we go out will always be the prettiest. ♥ Now that you have a baby brother, the good things have just multiplied! Your love, cuddles, kisses, towards him just melts our hearts!

Im very thankful for having a little girl like you. You will always carry a special place in my heart. You have definitely been a gift sent from above that I will for always be grateful for. God like always went far and beyond of what I ever imagined you to be like. Every little detail in you is just right.

Your name VALENTINA means “Strong woman”

Before you were born, daddy and I knew you were going to be one little strong girl. Any one who knows you would agree. With only 4 years of  age you have showed us so much. The way you stand up for what you believe, the way you forgive, the way you interact with friends and family its just out of this world. There is no doubt you will go far in life. I know God will be with you in every step of your life. May you always lean on Him and not on your own understandings.

Happy 4th Birthday Valentina!


Love you always,



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