It all began back in 2008 in a B-767 most likely an “Argentinian aircraft”. This is were Joanna and I first met. At first I would say it as more like a hi and bye relationship until we where put in the A-Check crew in 2013. We were the only females which made it easier to connect. I remember us having conversations of having a family one day and wondered how it was going to be with our crazy schedule(on-call). Joanna being a little impatient wanted to become pregnant and have kids right away… but it didn’t happen like that. I was fortunate and started the motherhood journey first. I remember telling her not to worry… that one day we will  both be pregnant at the same time…lol. And guess what? It happened just like that! During my second pregnancy, I remember her coming up to me and saying ” I got two red lines!” It was amazing… we hugged and still in awe… she couldn’t believe it… 9 months later little Raynor was born♥

Raynor is definitely one handsome little boy! Little did we know we would be in a maternity session with baby #2! The original plan was going to take place in a construction site to go along with the baby shower theme… but due to rain we had to adjust and changed to in-studio session… at end it came out beautiful… _CTP6151.jpg_CTP6195.jpgjoanna 1.jpg_CTP6199.jpgAnd soon they will be a party of 4!_CTP6254.jpg_CTP6239bw.jpg

Joanna and Bruno, thanks for giving me the honor to capture this beautiful stage in your lives. It really makes my heart happy to see your family growing! Sometimes its really worth the wait! Raynor is one little happy cute boy! And the other one under construction will definitely be one handsome stud too!

Congratulations on baby boy #2!



Maternity is one of the most precious yet hard-working stages of a woman’s life. From the moment you know there is life being created, there is a switch that is automatically activate that will always stay on… this switch is called the mother instinct switch. This switch is a new sense added to a woman’s life that has an inseparable bond between her and her child. I can say that its just magical!
I had the privilage to capture this beautiful stage in Lesly’s life. After having a boy, she is now having a baby girl! Big brother is very excited for his new little sister, from the beginning to the end he would not stop kissing his mommy’s belly.♥ Lesly is one glowing beautiful pregnant woman… and husband and big brother are just completely in love.
Edward and Lesly, thank you  once again for allowing me to serve you guys. It was a sweet adventure to capture this beautiful stage in your lives. Little princess Lianna will definetly bring lots of joy and sprinkles!

_CTP6927.jpg_CTP6942.jpg_CTP7060.jpg_CTP7054.jpg_CTP7057.jpg“Lesly is one glowing beautiful pregnant woman… and husband and big brother are just completely in love.”_CTP7085.jpg_CTP7098.jpg_CTP7075.jpg_CTP7021.jpg_CTP7242-2.jpg_CTP7237-2.jpg_CTP7227.jpg_CTP7124.jpg_CTP7141-edit.jpg_CTP7211.jpg



And soon this lovely family will be a party of 4! A little girl is always a fun addition to any family…  Princess Demi will bring lots of barbies, tea parties and lots of glitter sparkles into their lives! And Daddy… has no… idea of what is to come….hahaha… she surely will have him wrapped around her little fingers before he even knows it…

_CTP1988 copy.jpgWWP_9518

“Princess Demi will bring lots of barbies, tea parties and lots of glitter sparkles into their lives!”

Pregnancy is one of the best chapters in a woman’s life…


“Did someone say baby sister?”

_CTP2082_CTP2167_CTP2176_CTP2254.jpg_CTP2211 copy

And soon we will hold you forever in our arms…

Dayron and Wendy, it was an honor to capture these precious images in this new chapter of your lives.. Can’t wait to meet your little Princess! Big brother will soon have company to play and teach her all he Happy to see your little beautiful family growing…God bless always.




Have you ever been to the beach early in the morning? At sunrise? If you haven’t, its a must! Its beauty is indescribable… not only is it pleasing to your eyes, but its extremely relaxing…! The sound of the waves… the smell of its salty water, the wind blowing against your hair… its like heaven on earth. When Yeili requested to have her maternity session at Hollywood Beach… I was more than excited to do so, that day my office was at the beach.

Yeili’s baby bump was so adorable, I wish I looked like that when I was pregnant… anyone that saw me throughout my pregnancy.. knows that I looked like I was expecting twins instead of one..hahahaha! Well, its undeniable that these new  parents are really excited for whats to come.

They mentioned that their naming their son Isaac. This name has a joyful meaning; “he will laugh, he will rejoice”.  Excellent choice.

Isaac: “he will laugh, he will rejoice”

This couple was really brave. South florida is usually very hot and humid, but this morning it wasn’t. It was windy and cold…. How they did it? Don’t know.. But they surely pulled it off…! _CTP7855_CTP8073_CTP8054And soon he’ll be in her arms…how sweet…_CTP7828_CTP8032-2

Isidro and Yeili, I am so thrilled for this new adventure entering your lives. Baby Isaac is going to be one blessed happy little boy! Cherish every second because they surely grow up really… fast. It was an honor to be part of your begining and can’t wait to meet him!_CTP7788