Knowing Erika for a few years now, I just knew right of the bat, that her family session was going to be fun experience for all, and it sure was! Erika and I met at church serving in the children’s ministry, and from day one we really connected and it was like we had known each other since forever.

From the minute we all got to Tree Tops Park to the time we said good-bye, it was all fun and games… Dino her husband, couldn’t keep a straight face for one second, it was laughs and jokes behind every “pose”… lol! And the kids.. where just adorable!


Aren’t these boys so handsome?DSC_7191-2

Watch out guys! She has two bodyguards! Three with dad!DSC_7188-2DSC_7274-2DSC_7359

And her look says it All…DSC_7213-2

And when They Kiss.. Time Freezes…DSC_7234-2.jpgDSC_7250-2-2

Dino & Erika, you guys are truly blessed with a beautiful family. Thank you once again for allowing me to go on this short journey and capture the true essence of your loved ones.DSC_7302-2

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