Baby Elijah- Six Months Old

Brrrrruuufffffff…. mmmaaaaaaa………aaaahhh….. this is what I am now starting to hear from my little six month old nugget. Teething toys and more teething toys because everything just tends to finds its way to his little mouth… and lots and lots of bibs to catch all the slobbers.. hahaha…

WWP_7865 copyWWP_7905-.jpgWWP_7866

As months pass by in his life, it seems as if they where years just because he’s accomplishing so many little milestones every month…! Before having this little blessing join us, my husband and I decided that it was the perfect timing to take off work and be a stay home mom to be able to dedicate more time to the first few years of our babies lives.

I can say it has been one of the best decisions we have made. In all the running around and uncertainty of what would happen with one of us being out of the workforce, Carolina Tejeda Photography came about! Photography was always a hidden passion I had within since I can remember…

This new journey is more than a dream come true… Its a calling, a purpose coming to life!


WWP_8098WWP_8099 copy.jpg


Little Man.

Oh.. my little Elijah… so blessed with all you have to bring into this world!



See you all soon! oxoxo


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