I remember getting a message from Zeli via Facebook Messenger telling me that a family vacation was being planned within the next few months. Part of it was going to be enjoyed at Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort were she requested to have a family session! From that moment, I was intriguied and very excited to have them down to also enjoy this wonderful experience♥

The day came and we all met. The sun was shining, the humidity was on point, and the sound and smell of the ocean was just dreamy. This lovely family was natural, from being “posed” to just being themselves and showing all their love for each other melted me with joy inside. Not only did I witness it in the time frame spent with them but I had the privilege to capture it and have it still for a lifetime.

These are the moments we live for.

Junior and Zeli, thanks for taking me along the ride! It was an honor to have been able to capture your family’s essence during your trip down here in Ft.Lauderdale. From all the kisses, hugs, and long walks down by the beach…it was all amazing. I hope these memories live on for a lifetime! Much ♥ Carolina Tejeda Photography

_CTP7484.jpg_CTP7502.jpgzeli 2 1.jpg_CTP7573.jpg_CTP7587.jpg_CTP7599.jpg_CTP7635.jpgNatural Beauty_CTP7654

Isn’t he the cutest little boy? 🙂_CTP7715 copy_CTP7706.jpg_CTP7731 copy.jpg_CTP7766.jpg_CTP7784.jpg_CTP7777.jpg_CTP7798.jpg_CTP7765-2.jpg

One happy family.

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