Something about 1st Birthdays that puts a smile on my face. Many laughs, cries, sleepless nights involved within just the first year of a baby’s life. From a tiny little newborn to a mini little human they sure grow really…. fast! These little ones can surely keep you moving. Its amazing to see how fast they develop and learn in just their first year of life.  Fun fact: The fastest they will ever grow is within their first year!

I’ve been fortunate to know Baby Michael since his 8th day! His smile is definetly  contagious and sweet. Makes me want to have another baby…lol! His session was composed a little of mommy and daddy’s preferences. Color blue with bowtie & suspenders was mommy’s idea and the color white which represents daddy’s legacy.  His session came out perfect.

Mike and Majorie, thank you guys once again for allowing me to be part of your little ones special day! Baby Michael couldn’t have been a cuter model♥ Can’t wait to see all the wonderful things to come in the near future…


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