1st Birthdays are really starting to be one of my favorite sessions! From all the running around to all the little gestures babies do… its just too adorable to not love every single bit of it…  Penelope’s mommy choose the mermaid theme… and it was just perfect! Baby Penny definitely enjoyed being a mermaid for her special day! 

PENNY1 copy.jpg


Baby Mermaids DO exist…!PENNY6PENNY7_CTP4783.jpgPENNY8 copy.jpgPENNY9“Behind H A P P Y Children,

their is an Awesome F A M I L Y!”PENNY14

“Oh, the Places Penelope Will Go!”

PENNY15PENNY16 copy.jpgPENNY17 copy.jpgPENNY19 copy.jpgPENNY21 copy.jpg

Eileen and Yoandy, its was so much fun interacting with your wonderful kids. Penny is definitely is the cutest Little Mermaid in Miami! 🙂 She had so much to offer, from her smiles to her sassy character… Thank you guys for the privilege to be part of this special event. Happy 1st Birthday Penelope!

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